Interview FAQ


How long is this interview going to take?

  • We have 10 sets of questions with the option to chose one of the three questions in each set. So you have to answer 10 questions total. It should take about 10-15 minutes.

Do I have to answer all 10 questions?

  • Yes. Our goal with every interview that gets published is to a) give you exposure and b) provide a lot of value to our audience. Think about it this way, you don’t have a deadline and you get to portray yourself in the very best light possible.

How long should the answers be?

  • There’s no answers too long, only too short. Be as comfortable and open with your thoughts on the subject matter as possible, without feeling like you need to rush through everything in order to finish within an arbitrary timeframe.

What happens after I complete the interview?

  • After completing the interview, our editorial team will take all your answers, compile them into an article that will be published on our website.

Can I share the article on my social media?

  • Absolutely! You’re welcome to and encouraged to share the article on your social media profiles. We’ll also do the same, by sharing it on our social media profiles and tagging you! That way more people can read your thoughts! 

Do you ever turn down completed interviews?

  • Sometimes, but very rarely! As long as you follow the guidelines and answer all the questions in the interview, we’ll more than likely publish it.

Will you proofread and edit my interview?

  • Our editorial team will take a look at your answers and make sure there’s no spelling or grammar mistakes. However, we receive an abundance of articles each day, so please make sure that your answers are grammatically correct.

I know someone who you should interview. What do I do?

  • Great! We love it when you refer other interesting people. To suggest somebody for an interview please go to our interview application page

What’s your ToS?

We only ask for two things:

  • We want to make sure that all the content you submitted is yours and you have rights to use it, including any images
  • We would love to use the content you submitted in our email newsletter and potentially for other projects, without having to ask you again. And when we do use a quote out of your interview, it’ll credit you by name and link back to the original article whenever possible.

We’re only interested in keeping a dialog going – not looking at ways where one could profit off another person’s work. We want all contributors involved because it means these ideas are more likely to be used so long as they fit with ours creatively too.

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