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David Seruya

Founder & CEO of ServicePlus Home Warranty

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From a very young age I knew the importance of hard work. My dad, Ronnie, was my biggest role model when it came to this. He was the kind of guy that would work six days of the week (and also the type to not dawdle when a seven-day work week was required!). In addition to this, he also put in effort in making sure that he was present in the lives of the people he loved. No matter how difficult it was to fit things into his busy schedule, he was there to remind us just how much he cared for us.

My dad was a great father and a great husband, and as for me? I’ve always strived to be the same kind of man as him. 

When I was younger, my hobbies involved architecture, drawing, and interior design. Looking at my career now, this might have been unexpected for some. After all, these creative pursuits don’t really have much to do with home warranty service! But, I like to believe that it was these interests that pushed me to become the man I am today.

To put things into perspective, many people have described me as someone that is both calculating and enterprising. At 25, when a college friend of mine suggested starting a business in a fresh industry, I didn’t hesitate. I quit my job and started the journey of becoming a business owner immediately.

From the way I’m telling this story, you might have expected that this business venture was a total success!

It sounds familiar enough, right? Man ventures into the unknown and makes it big! It’s a story everyone has heard in a variety of ways. But, no. In the end, my experience as a first-time business owner actually ended in a tragedy. Rather than success, it was a lesson learned.

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“You’ll only regret what you don’t do.” Brad Lea.

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